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General information

What do you bring?

You only need to bring towels, tea towels and bed linen (for 1x2 en 4x1 persons beds and 6x1 persons duvets):

Room 1 (ground floor):      one bed 140cmX200cm for 2
Room 2 (ground floor):      two beds 90cmX200cm 
Room 3 (first floor):         two beds 90cmX200cm 

The duvets:               6x 140cmX200cm and the pillows 6 times 46cm x 56 cm

If we agreed that you can bring your pet(s), please take extra linen to protect our furniture.

Contact person

You will be welcomed in the house by the concierge Madame Jacqueline Pélardy (French only). She will give you the key, show you around in the house and takes care that you find a pleasant situation to start your stay.

For simple problems, questions, etc. she can be contacted.


Mobile telephones should be functioning in the area.The house however does have a telephone that can be used by the tenants inside the Ardèche. You can be contacted from anywhere. 

There is WiFi access to internet in the house. If you want to use this, without additional costs, please let us know.

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