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Rent and Prices?

Prices per week vary between 425 - 975€ in 2019.
 From saturday to saterday in the:
- summer months july and august €975/week
- june en september €650/week
- spring-, autumn- en year end holidays €525/week
- all other weeks €425/week

Mrs Pélardy (the concierge) will in any case clean the house after your leave. The time she needs for this will depend
on the state in which you leave the house. The cost of cleaning above two hours will be deducted from the warrant.

Prices are exclusive electricity when there is an 'r' in the month. 

You can check for your self whether your preferred period is still free and which prices apply in that period. 
We have interesting rebates when you book more weeks in the off season.

You pay 25% of the total rent up front to confirm your reservation,
on Caisse d'Epargne account IBAN FR76 1871 5002 0004 0029 3153 436 in the name of David Roche ao Aurélie Freyssenet, Brives Cherensac France.

The rest of the rent and a warrant of 150 you pay at least 4 weeks before the start for
your stay to allow us to send you a Carte Clé in time.

Read our terms and conditions.

If you want more information contact us via:

  David Roche & Aurélie Freyssenet


Last update: 05.05.2019

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