How to get there?

Sitinho is located left of the CD24 in the direction of Valgorge. On Google Maps:

About 2,5km from Valgorge south of the road, some 70 away from the river

Route from London:

London - Valgorge
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Via: Paris, Orléans, Bourges and Clermont-Ferrand, in the direction of Brioude
(exit 20 from A75).



And after the A75


After exit 20 from A75
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Leaving Clermont-Ferrand behind you and driving south on the A75 you take exit 20 and follow the N102 in the direction of Brioude.

After some 35 miles you turn right, taking the D906 in the direction of Loudes. Follow the D906 through Loudes until you hit the N88 after some 13 miles and turn right on to it when you do so.

Pradelles - Valgorge
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Follow the N88 for about 14miles and close to Pradelles continue on the N102 (don't follow the N88 in to Pradelles!)

Continue on the N102 for about 11miles and then, on the col de la Chevade, turn right, taking the D239 over the col du Pendu. This is a beautiful area and you may want to go back there to take a walk.

After 7miles you turn left taking the D19 for a little less then a mile, when you turn right on to the D24 to the col de Meyrand (1370m), towards Loubaresse and Valgorge. To reach the latter you just stay on the D24.

Near Valgorge
Click to enlargeYou pass through Valgorge and after 2 miles
you will see a large rectangular house directly on the D24 and just before you will see the steep decent to the Sitinho on your right hand side. If you pass the camping municipal (again on the right hand side) you've gone too far!

The entrance 'summer'
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The entrance 'winter'
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The entrance can be recognised by two 'en pierre' pillars  ~1m tall and a post-box on the left hand side of the  D24 (when you're coming from the east).Note: this is a photograph from the direction east. If you're coming from Valgorge you are heading in that direction!

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