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For a long time we have dreamed of a second home elsewhere. In May 2018, we found "Sitinho", a beautiful country house on a wonderful and spacious piece of land directly adjacent to the banks of "Beaume", a tributary of the Ardèche, to realise this dream.


Small house in the Ardèche

The name Sitinho is an understanding that the former owners, Hans en Mies Couvreur learned during their stay in Brazil. It means as much as a small house in the countryside. There are some who do not agree, but for them it was a familiar concept.

It is with great pleasure and emotion that we take the house and its surroundings over from Hans & Mies.

Like them we love the beauty of this place and the tranquillity of this country house. That's why we decided to continue sharing "Sitinho" and we hope that this site gives you satisfaction and makes you want to book a stay with us.

David Roche & Aurélie Freyssenet


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